The Bates Method by Dr William Bates

For forty years since 1891, Dr Bates, a renowned ophthalmologist, researched deeply into the root causes of vision problems such as myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia, and astigmatism. He was not satisfied that prescribing glasses would cure the vision problems, after noting that many of his patients actually continue to suffer deteriorating vision after wearing the glasses. Dr Bates was so successful in curing thousands of his patients that he subsequently published a perennial best seller, “Perfect Sight Without Glasses” in 1920.

Dr Bates discovered in his research that vision fluctuates. The eyes, just like any part of the body, is subjected to stress, emotions, mind-body interaction, and physical habits. Glasses do not alleviate vision problems, but like a cement crutch on the eyes, hampers the natural healing of the eyes.

As for putting glasses on a child, it is enough to make the angels weep.” Dr Willam Bates

The Bates View

Dr William Bates concluded after decades of researching for an alternative to prescriptive glasses, concluded that mental stress is the root cause of vision problems such as myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. These problems are not hereditary, as commonly believed. One simply need to note that virtually every baby or toddler is born with perfect vision regardless of how badly the parents suffer from myopia or other vision problems. An extensive research conducted by Professor Young and his team conclusively proved that 98% of the Eskimo children do not need glasses until they are introduced to schools (60% suffered from myopia post-school). Therefore vision problems are usually not inherited, but resulted from poor vision habits and mental strain.

The good news is that these vision problems are temporary, and the eyes are capable of self-healing, as experienced by thousands of ordinary people, including eye doctors (such as Roberto Kaplan, and Jacob Liberman who have written books about their vision therapy practice). Let the results speak for itself!

The OrthodoxView

There is still no definitive known causes of short-sightedness, long-sightedness or astigmatism. Possible causes of vision problems are extensive near-work strain such as reading or computer work, the environment, and the parents’ genes. Professional eye specialists recommend early screening for vision problems. Glasses or contact lenses are prescribed to help patients see clearly, and prevent further strain or eyesight deterioration.

Source : http://www.thebatesmethod.com/bates_method.htm


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